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Aabtaab is a Professional Shia Community Service Provider, We provide the following services, teaching, Namaz e Ijara, Niyabat e Ziarat, Niyabat e Hajj, Kaffara, Fitra, Saddaqa, Quran Recitation, Zakat, Roza e Ijara, Khums Delivery to Mujtahid, Sponsor Students, etc.

5 Rules of Religion (Usool e Deen)

Usool ad-Deen is an Arabic term that refers to the “foundations of the religion” in Islam.



Allah is One



Allah is Just!



Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet



Imam Ali (A.S.) is the First Imam



Day of Judgment

Fqihi Masail

Ask Modern Fiqihi Masail And get an answer accordingly to ayatollah Sistani fatwa through Aabtaab.


Is it permissible to use the Sahm-e Imãm (a.s.) without seeking the permission of the marja‘ if a person can ascertain the need of any kind for its use with which the Imam (a.s.) would be pleased?

It is not permissible; and one cannot attain the approval of the Imam (a.s.) by using his portion of the Khums without seeking the permission of the most learned Marja‘ —in that it is possible that the Marja’s permission is part of the approval of the Imam (a.s.).
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If a person acquires wealth without having worked for it , like, if someone gives him a gift, and that wealth exceeds his own annual expenses, does he have to pay Khums from the excess.
Yes, it is obligatory to pay Khums from it, if a year runs over it.
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Question: Is it okay to donate blood?

Answer: It is permissible to donate blood.
Question: Is transfusion of blood from Non-Muslim to our body permissible?
Answer: There is no Ishkaal (objection) in it.

Question: Is it permissible to chat with girls on the internet?

Answer: If it is feared that they might be drawn towards sin, it is not permissible. Normally chatting ends up in a sin for both sides.
Question: Can I be in a friendly relationship with a girl in my class.
Answer: All kinds of relations with a non-mahram including joking, expressing mutual love, talking with the intention of deriving pleasure, looking at the body of a girl (except her face and hands up to the wrists) and at her hair or looking at her face with pleasure are Haram (forbidden). In fact, if it is feared that they might fall into a sin, it is forbidden for them to have any kind of relationship with each other.

Question: There are some drama series with actresses playing without scarves. What is the Islamic law about watching those drama series without lustful intention?

Answer: There is no problem in watching them in the said case.

Question: Some permissible games use dice in them. So is it allowed to play with it?

Answer: There is no problem in using it, as long as its not involved in gambling games.
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Aabtaab Charity Collection

Donation & Charity Programs

Aabtaab Collect donations and Charity to Sponsor Students and Help Needy and Homeless people. Aabtaab Also Collects Islamic Payments Such As Khums, Fidiya, Kaffara, and Sadaqah.

Student sponsership

Raised : $179.000

Goal : $259.000

Student SponserShip

Sponsor Students For the education of the Quran, Contributing to learning the Quran is the contribution in Ajar(Reward).

Daily-Madrasa, donate-madarasa,madrsa




Days Left

Raised : $456.000

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Daily Madrsa

Contribute in daily Madarsa for learning Quran and get reward from Allah, Rasool (s.a.w.w) and Ahlulbait (A.S.).

Teacher Sponsorship




Days Left

Raised : $379.000

Goal : $626.000

Sponsor a teacher

As a Muslim and Quran lover for the sake of Quran promotion sponsor a teacher and be a part of tableegh.

Help in Duniya to get helped in Aakhira!

Support Shia Learners

Give part of your halal income to charity so that the rest will be blessed.


Student Sponsorship


Teacher Sponsership


Daily Madrsah Sponsership

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