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Dar ul Quran is an institution that has been engaged in the religious, Shariah and moral education of the nation since 2009 Located in Block 20, Incholi Society.
In Dar ul Quran, children are given religious education along with the Quran.
Dar ul Quran also organizes programs on the occasion of the birth and martyrdom of 14 Masoomain.

Aabtaab - Flag of Imam Hussain a.s

Madrsah for Shia Community

Dar ul Quran Madrsah is Stablished By Allama Ahemd Ali Naqvi For Shia’s Community Quran and Ahlulbait teaching.

Aabtaab Charity Collection

Donation & Charity Programs

Aabtaab Collect donations and Charity to Sponsor Students and Help Needy and Homeless people. Aabtaab Also Collects Islamic Payments Such As Khums, Fidiya, Kaffara, and Sadaqah.

Student sponsership

Raised : $179.000

Goal : $259.000

Student SponserShip

Sponsor Students For the education of the Quran, Contributing to learning the Quran is the contribution in Ajar(Reward).

Daily-Madrasa, donate-madarasa,madrsa




Days Left

Raised : $456.000

Goal : $719.000

Daily Madrsa

Contribute in daily Madarsa for learning Quran and get reward from Allah, Rasool (s.a.w.w) and Ahlulbait (A.S.).

Teacher Sponsorship




Days Left

Raised : $379.000

Goal : $626.000

Sponsor a teacher

As a Muslim and Quran lover for the sake of Quran promotion sponsor a teacher and be a part of tableegh.

Support Us

Our Mission is to Spread Talaimat e Ahlulbait

Dar ul Quran is trying to provide the best facilities and services to the Students of Shia’s Community and Sponsor Students we need your help to make our efforts even go further.

if you are able, We’d love it if you could make a donation of [10,000 RS] Monthly to help us achieve our mission.


Student Sponsorship


Teacher Sponsorship


Daily Madarsa Sponsorship

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